Moment of force Calculator

Powerful Moment of Force Calculator

We will introduce you to our powerful Moment of Force Calculator. Whether you’re a student studying physics or an engineer working on complex mechanical systems, this calculator will assist you in calculating moments of force effortlessly.

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Moment of force Calculator

What is a Moment of Force?

A moment of force, also known as torque, is the rotational equivalent of force. It measures the tendency of a force to rotate an object about a specific axis or point. Moments of force play a vital role in understanding the equilibrium and motion of objects in various applications.

Formula for Calculating GMROI

The formula for calculating GMROI is:

GMROI = (Gross Margin / Average Inventory Cost) × 100


  • Average Inventory Cost is the average cost of inventory during a specific period, typically the average of the beginning and ending inventory costs.

The GMROI formula calculates the gross margin generated by each dollar invested in inventory. Multiplying the result by 100 converts it into a percentage.

To use the formula, you would need the following information:

  • Total sales revenue
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Beginning inventory cost
  • Ending inventory cost

Here’s an example calculation:

Suppose the total sales revenue is $100,000, COGS is $60,000, beginning inventory cost is $20,000, and ending inventory cost is $25,000.

First, calculate the Gross Margin: Gross Margin = Total Sales Revenue – COGS Gross Margin = $100,000 – $60,000 Gross Margin = $40,000

Next, calculate the Average Inventory Cost: Average Inventory Cost = (Beginning Inventory Cost + Ending Inventory Cost) / 2 Average Inventory Cost = ($20,000 + $25,000) / 2 Average Inventory Cost = $22,500

Finally, calculate the GMROI: GMROI = (Gross Margin / Average Inventory Cost) × 100 GMROI = ($40,000 / $22,500) × 100 GMROI ≈ 177.78

Therefore, the GMROI for this example is approximately 177.78%.

Using the Force Calculator:

To calculate the moment of force using our calculator, follow these simple steps:

1. Input the value of the force applied. Make sure to specify the unit of force (e.g., Newtons, pounds, etc.).

2. Specify the perpendicular distance from the axis or point of rotation to the line of action of the force. Ensure that you enter the distance in the appropriate unit (e.g., meters, inches, etc.).

3. Choose the unit for the moment of force output (e.g., Newton meters, pound-feet, etc.).

4. Click on the “Calculate” button to obtain the result.



Let’s say we have a force of 50 Newtons applied at a perpendicular distance of 2 meters from the axis. Using our Force Calculator, you would input these values, select the unit of measurement, and click “Calculate.” The calculator will then provide the moment of force in the desired unit.

Key Features of using our Calculator:

In addition to the basic calculation, our  Calculator offers some additional features to enhance your user experience:

– Unit Conversion:

Convert moments of force between different unit systems effortlessly.

– Multiple Force Inputs:

If multiple forces act on an object, you can input each force and its respective perpendicular distance separately. The calculator will sum up the moments of force to give you the total moment.

Simplify your Calculations

Whether you’re dealing with simple statics problems or complex engineering scenarios, our Calculator is your go-to tool. It provides accurate results and offers additional features to simplify your calculations. Start using our calculator today and make your moment-of-force calculations a breeze!

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