slew rate calculator

Slew rate Calculator

Slew rate is a measure of how fast an amplifier can change its output voltage in response to changes in the input signal. This calculator will allow users to input the voltage change and the time it takes for that change to occur and then calculate the slew rate

Formula for Slew Rate

The formula for calculating the slew rate (S) of an amplifier is as follows:



  • is the slew rate, measured in volts per second (V/s).
  • is the change in voltage (in volts) of the output signal.
  • is the corresponding change in time (in seconds) for the voltage change to occur.

The slew rate measures how quickly the output voltage of an amplifier can change in response to changes in the input signal. A higher slew rate indicates that the amplifier can respond to rapid changes in the input signal more quickly, while a lower slew rate implies that the amplifier’s response is slower.